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I'm a huge geek. I liveblog reading fanfiction. I make EVERYTHING homosexual. I get really emotionally fucked up sometimes. I care about people more than I probably should. This is me.

I am an aspiring author. I write fanfiction as well. I draw fanart and original stuff. I love reading. I'm genderqueer. I'm pansexual. I'm a Vegetarian. I'm Pagan. Most of my original writing is mythology based. I'm friendly and kind and nice, even on the internet.

My preferred pronouns are "he, him, his", thanks. :)

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Asker sylarana Asks:
What are the top 3 things you’d like to see Steve do to Tony, Tony do to Steve, and Tony and Steve do to each other? >:D
midnight-naiad-under-the-sea midnight-naiad-under-the-sea Said:

top 3 things I’d like Steve to do to Tony:

  • Hold Tony down using nothing but his strength as he fucks him slowly and Tony begs for Steve to go faster but he wont. (oh so maybe most of these are going to be D/s related. heh. yeah.)
  • Bend Tony over the desk in his office at Stark Industries and fuck him roughly while there’s a threat of them getting caught.
  • Force Tony to eat food when he hasn’t eaten for a few days because he’s been in his lab for like three days straight. (ok because that’s just really adorable and sweet)

top 3 things I’d like Tony to do to Steve:

  • Ride him like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Choke on Steve’s dick. (ahahahahahahaha I mean um…no I’m not sexually frustrated and foisting all my sexual frustration in to this ship.)
  • Teach him out to use modern technology. (because fuuuu that is so cute when Steve is like “how do I ipod?” and Tony is like “oh honey let me show you.” and Steve is all bright eyed and bushy tailed and like “oh Tony~! You’re so smart~ *swoon*”)

Top 3 things I’d like for Tony and Steve to do to each other:

  • Get married. Have a big giant superhero wedding that OF COURSE gets postponed a few times because of bad guys but eventually happens and its perfect and Tony and Steve’s first dance as a married couple is to some sappy Jazz song that I haven’t decided on yet that’s played by a real big band because Tony treats his man right. And Steve wears his military formals and their accent color is deep red and they have red velvet cake for their wedding cake and Rhodey is Tony’s best man and Clint is Steve’s and Fury officiates because LOL that is hilarious.
  • Have babies. LOTS OF BABIES. (four babies, the first three all look like Steve and are big and strong and blonde and the last one is more like Tony in his coloring and is really short and adorable and his older three siblings are all over protective of him. And their only girl child is named Maria because Tony is a mama’s boy. And their first boy is named James because Bucky. And all the Avengers love them and everything is perfect.)
  • Sexy times. (uh….just that.)